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Some Small Requests:

1. Advanced booking is preferred and highly recommended. I seem to do best with 24 hours to screen you and get prepared for our time together. If you are already pre-screened, same day appointments are very possible. 

2. To ensure that we enjoy each other, I ask that you maintain good hygiene at all times and I'll do the same.

3. Please place your donation in an envelope and place it on a table in the open as soon as you come inside.

4. When requesting an appointment, please be prepared with a day, time, and your references (Name, Number, Email, and Profile.) Please do not text or email me with a simple "Hi" or asking what my services are. Read my reviews if you are curious. Please be courtious. 

5. If you have specific requests, let me know as far ahead of time as possible.

6. Please do not call after 9 pm.

7. If you must cancel, you must do so within 24hrs of your appointment time or you will have to pay a rebooking fee of 200 dollars next time we meet. 

8. Come with an open heart and mind xox.


9. If we have not met, deposits are exceptions